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Cheerleading is a fast paced sport which includes, jumps, dance, gymnastics tumbling and stunting, all combined into a 2-and-a-half routine.

It is physically demanding where you will learn to increase your strength,flexability and co-ordination. Cheerleading is also an excellent development pathway, encouraging team work respect of self and other and self- dicipline.

Kometz Mini Stunt ​

Mini Stunt is an exciting, fun-filled program where children develop strength, teamwork, coordination and self-confidence. It is a class specifically designed to introduce the fundamentals of the entire sport of Cheerleading, with a focus on stunting. It is performed in a safe and friendly environment. Each young cheerleader will have the chance to experience every role in a stunt group and will have fun learning and achieving new skills. Mini Stunt also gives a huge boost in developing team spirit and morale.

​Our safe environment, accredited, enthusiatic instructors and unique program caters for personal growth and development, regardless of gender or ability.  Boys and girls, with or without any experience are welcome!

Kometz Junior

Kometz Junior Cheerleading is an amazing opportunity for any person no matter their age or ability, to be a apart of a team based sport where you learn new skills and gain oppurtunities, life skills and friends through the duration of the year. This program is designed to challenge high achieving cheerleaders and provide the opportunity to compete regionally

Kometz Group and Partner Stunt

This competition based cheerleading program are working towards the requirements from the USASF levels program of stunt and strength.  Groups are mixed boys and girls with no experience required.

Kometz Senior

Cheerleaders in this program are invited to join the Kometz Senior team based on ability, personal goals and time commitment.

The Kometz senior are working towards requirements specific for their skill level.  This program is designed to challenge high achieving cheerleaders and provide the opportunity to compete regionally and nationally.

Groups are mixed boys and girls and a range of ages.  Minimum training commitment is 6 hours per week.

Program Information 

For more information please contact us on 03 62290900 or email

For timetable please click here

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Come and cheer, stunt and have fun with us!


Kometz Mini Stunt
Age- 5+ years
Class length- 45 minutes
Bookings required
Time table

 Kometz Junior
Age-14 years and younger
Class length- 1.5minutes
Bookings required
Time table

 Kometz Senior
Age-10 years and over
Class length- 6 hourse
Bookings required
Time table

 Partner and Group Stunt
Age- All ages
Class length- private bookins
Bookings required
Time table