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​​​​​​Tramp Team

Trampoline Sports is the perfect sport to teach your child safe and developmentally sound aerial skills, whilst also developing co-ordination and body awareness.

Trampoline sports are lots of fun. They develop confident body movements both on and off the ground, builds strength and prepares the body for challenges in life. Trampoline sports challenge the mind and body to reach new goals, develops posture and agility, including the ability to land safely.  Trampoline sports is conducted in safely equipped environments with accredited coaches. 

Trampoline Programs are competition based classes that follow the Trampoline National Requirements set out for levels 1 to 10. Each Level has specific skills that are to be mastered and performed in routines. These routines are performed in competitions.  
The trampoline levels system is two fold. Firstly a gymnast must complete the ALP (Australian Levels Program) for each level in the club and then they need to complete their routines at a grading day or competition for the relevant level.  For levels 4 and above gymnasts must achieve a particular score at a competition to grade that level.
In Trampolining the gymnast may progress through levels in each of the 3 apparatus. E.g. a gymnast maybe level 1 trampoline, level 2 double mini and level 3 tumbling.
Gymnasts will learn skills on a variety of equipment, including competition sized above ground and in ground trampolines, double mini trampoline, an in ground tumble trampoline, in ground pits and floor.
All coaches within the trampoline programs have a minimum of an Intermediate Trampoline Sports Accreditation with a current Gymnastics Australia Technical Membership. Additionally, the majority of coaches hold a current Beginner or higher Trampoline Judging Accreditation.
Tramp Skills is a non competitive trampoline class. Gymnasts learn skills based on the Trampoline Sports National Levels System, the gymnasts progressing without the need to compete in competitions.  This program allows gymnasts to progress through skills at the discretion of the coach.  The skills learnt in the tramp skills program can then be performed in displays.  At the end of each term gymnasts will be awarded with a certificate of skills achieved in the term.

Competition Forms